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Talbot County Hazard Mitigation Plan

The 2022 Talbot County Hazard Mitigation and Community Resilience Plan has been adopted by Talbot County and the Towns of Easton, Oxford, Saint Michaels, Trappe, and Queen Anne and provides valuable planning information regarding identified hazards, risk and vulnerabilities assessments, mitigation strategies and the five pillars of resiliency as key components of this planning process.

Through the completion of the plan, Talbot County is poised to further advance resilience via policy, planning, and action by establishing five Pillars to help guide the process and establish the foundation of resiliency planning and implementation. The five Pillars established include Education, Public Safety Health and Welfare, Economic Stability, Infrastructure, and Environmental. In order to address the hazards and develop mitigation and resiliency strategies, the Talbot County Community Resiliency Stakeholder Committee was formed. In addition, a Core Planning Team was formed to help guide the development of the plan, assess the project timeline, milestones, and establish agenda items for the stakeholder committee. There was an intense effort between Core Planning Team and Stakeholder Committee to maximize opportunities for collaboration and excitement over future hazard mitigation opportunities to ensure the safety of Talbot County’s citizens, protection of property, environmental sustainability, community resiliency, and the preservation of cultural and historic resources for future generation.

This plan was an update from the 2017 Talbot County Hazard Mitigation and Community Resilience Plan as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires hazard mitigation plans to be updated every five years.

You may view more information on this plan, the planning process, and general mitigation information on the project website at

» 2022 Talbot County Hazard Mitigation Plan (pdf)

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