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Snow Storm Recommendations

Talbot DES recommends: Winter Snow Storms

Properly vent to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning heating equipment such as portable gas or oil heaters

Never use a generator in a home or garage

Check on or help neighbors if you are able.

Make sure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors are in working order

Use battery operated lighting rather than open flame devices during power outages

If you must venture out keep a cell phone with you at all times and let someone else know where you are going

Stranded in Vehicle Tips:

  • Dress warmly and keep a blanket in your vehicle
  • If stuckā€¦ keep clearing you vehicles exhaust pipe to prevent CO from entering the vehicle
  • Place a colorful piece of cloth on the highest part of the exterior of your vehicle to attract attention

Yield the right of way to snowplows and other vehicles working to clear roadways.

After the Storm Tips:

  • Be extra cautious if you go outside to inspect for damage after a storm.
  • Downed or hanging electrical wires can be hidden by snowdrifts, trees or debris, and could be live.
  • Never attempt to touch or moved downed lines.
  • Call your utility company to report any outage-related problem
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